A New Season

Hi everyone,
It’s been a while since we’ve written.
Much has happened recently. Many of the happenings are non-music related.
But, we feel God is taking this ministry in to a new season. Since we started back in 2005, we have grown and since begun to realize the full vision God has placed deep within us for our music — our calling and our mission.
We have been called to help the bride of Christ return to her first love. There is much depth within this calling, and change is needed for us to do this.

We will still be a husband and wife duo.
We will still minister with intimate worship as we’ve always done.
But, we need a new name.

In Him does not capture this newly understood God-given vision. This is where you come in!
First, we ask for your patience and understanding as we implement the necessary changes. We also covet your prayers as we seek God’s wisdom and guidance. Last, we want your opinion on our new name.
Here are our ideas:

Redemer’s Bride
First Love
Bride of Christ

You are welcome to chime in with your comments and suggestions below. Do you have a favorite name from those mentioned above? Do you want to recommend a different name? Do you have a key Scripture to share?
We’re looking forward to your feedback! We will unveil more of this vision and where God is taking this music ministry as time goes on.
Thank you again for your patience and prayers, and we’ll talk again soon!

With much love, Andy and Miranda


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Summer and all His Glory: That’s how the river flows!

Wow, do we have an update for you!
First things first, let’s travel back in time as we often do here in our journal…
Instead of springing forward, let’s spring backwards. Scary thought huh?

Way back in May we had our anual benefit concert. Have you ever had one of those days or weeks when you feell you’re fighting the Devil on everything? Between both of us getting sick, and the computer with all digital stuff we needed breaking, we were going through a serious bout of spiritual warfare!
After getting the computer fixed, the next thing we had to figure out was how we were going to do a concert without our lead vocalist? With no voice left to even speak, and sounding like a frog and goose mixed, it’s pretty impossible to sing!
Well, 30 seconds (no exaggeration) before we were to walk on stage, Jesus had a plan! Not the plan we wanted, but that’s how the river flows! When in desperate need, cry out to God and remember that you have songs you’ve already recorded.
Oh, and thank God your audience is small and full of very understanding people from the host church (for whom you’ve played before).

We were able to lead worship with a few songs, and that went well. We then presented Compassion, and after the event were asked to come to present at the adult Sunday School class the following Sunday. Ok, God’s not done yet…
Not only were two children sponsored as a result of this year’s benefit, but a friend sponsored a third child the following Monday afternoon!

Now we leave the past and enter the present…
Some of you may have been expecting our first tour this summer, but again Jesus had a plan. That plan was again different than our own. This has been a great time of reflection, healing from losing ones we love, and recording!
Today, we wrap up the keys for “Holy”, and then we move on to vocals next week. After vocals is guitars and bass. So, progress on the digital-only Ep is being made!

Now, just because we aren’t doing a full tour doesn’t mean you won’t see us on the road. On Sunday August 16, we’ll be playing at Newberg Norton Bible Church as part of their Drive In Church Concert series. Then, on Saturday August 22, we’ll be leading worship at the Kalamazoo Gospel Mission as part of their Summer week of Revival.
Details are always available on the events page, or via any of our calendars.

Andy is hard at work on the new version of the website, and we’re hoping to have it available for you next Spring.
That is also when we’ll be bringing back the newsletter and Monday Meal devotional. Some have had problems subscribing to the mailing lists, and we’re working on that as part of the website updates along with many other great features.
Thanks so much for your patience and understanding as we record and make various upgrades.
We’ll have InHimCast016 out for you soon, so be sure to stay tuned for that too!
Until next time, keep it real!

Andy and Miranda – In Him

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Recap from the Road: The Kalamazoo Gospel Mission and WOLY AM 1500!

Things have been rockin’ and rollin’ in In Him land as of late!
Last evening, we took a break from all the planning for the Compassion benefit, and headed over to worship with our great friends at the Kalamazoo Gospel Mission.
We’ve written about these wonderful folks and their passion for worship before, and last night’s event was no exception!
With around 50-60 in attendance, we did a mix of old and new music, for a total of 7 songs.
We find it kind of neat that it was the mission where we ended our 2008 event season, and this is also where we’ve begun the season for 2009.
Now, it’s time to look ahead to what God had in store for us this morning.

In preparation for the benefit, we headed over to Woly Am 1500 in Battle Creek. We had a great time talking about our ministry and the upcoming event for Compassion International. We’ll be posting the interview on the InHimCast before the weekend is over.
We would again like to thank Tim and all the great folks at the station for catching the vision of what God is doing through Compassion, and our desire to see more Children released from poverty!
Remember, even if you aren’t able to come to the benefit on May 8, you can be a hero for a child in need!
Stay in touch, and have a blessed weekend!

Andy and Miranda – In Him

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The cry of hunger and thirst

I sat on the edge of the bed and began cleaning off the bed side table. As I put the empty Sprite cans, junk food wrappers, and old water and poweraid bottles in the bag for the garbage, I began to think.

Roughly one-sixth of the world’s population does not have access to safe water.
Aproximately 5,000 children die every day as a result of diseases caused by unclean water and poor sanitation.
Read more quick facts about access to clean water
Please, watch this 30-second video about access to clean water.
And, every 5 seconds a child dies of hunger.
Read more quick facts about hunger.
Please, watch this 30-second video regarding hunger.

Facts such as these make me think before I open the refridgorator to get something to drink, or go downstairs to search the pantry for a late night snack.
I felt guilty as I sat there with enough stuff on that table to fill half of a 13 gallon garbage bag!
Now, I’m not saying we need to feel guilty when we get something we want, or that we need to deny ourselves the need for food and drink.
But, I wonder how many of us (myself included) truly understand the amount of people that are going without such basic needs on a daily basis?
Is there even hope for those who cry for such basic needs as food and water?
The answer is a resounding yes!

This is where Compassion International comes in. Compassion is working in 25 countries throughout Africa, Asia, Central and South America to “Release children from poverty in Jesus’ name”. Compassion-assisted children receive at least one meal a day from their Child development center, which is run by a local church in that child’s community. For some, this may be their only meal for the day. Children in Compassion’s program are also taught the skills to ensure that their family has access to safe water for drinking, cooking, washing, and more.
Beyond meeting these basic needs, every Compassion-assisted child is introduced to the bread of life who can give them living water, Jesus Christ.

What’s more is that you can be a hero for one of these precious children! You don’t need to rain bread from Heaven, or make water come from a rock.
All you need to do is listen. If you hear the cries of hunger and thirst, and God is pressing it upon your heart to be his hands and feet to a child in need, then please don’t let another second go by!
From the time you say “yes” to God, you’ll go to your fridge to get something to drink, or to make that late night snack, and you’ll look into the eyes of your sponsored child. Not with guilt, but with the knowledge that you are an every-day hero.
As you see your child’s photo hanging on your fridge, and as you correspond through letters, you’ll know it’s not about the $32.00 you send to Compassion every month, but it’s about the eternal difference God is allowing you to make through your obedience to His still small voice.

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In Him’s First Radio Interview Coming Soon!

As we prepare for our 2009 Spring Benefit for Compassion International on May 8, we are excited to announce our first-ever radio interview!
This interview will be on May 1, just after 9:00 A.M on WOLY Am 1500 in Battle Creek.
The station manager was very gracious in allowing us to come and talk about Compassion and the upcoming benefit concert, and we can’t thank him enough!

Because WOLY is not broadcast online, we will be posting the interview on the InHimCast. So, be sure to stay tuned!
Until the interview appears on the InHimCast, we will be re-airing our interview with Chris Giovagnoni from Compassion.

If you would like to be the hero in a child’s life, you can Sponsor a Child Today!
You can search by Country, Age, Birthday, Gender, special needs, and more!
Do you already sponsor a child through Compassion International? If so, please share your story in the comments section below.
Please also be in prayer regarding this year’s benefit concert. We are praying for God to touch many hearts and lives!
Stay in touch, and have a blessed weekend!

Andy and Miranda – In Him

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In Him Enters The Studio!

Ok, so it’s been a while since we’ve written…
Much has happened in the past few weeks!
We have a new edition of the InHimCast that will get you up-to-date on all but one thing.
Although in the podcast we shared information about some studio upgrades, we didn’t share some of the best breaking news yet…
We Are Recording!
That’s right! You’ve been asking us for a way to purchase our music, and we can’t thank you enough for your patient support over the past four years as God has expanded this ministry beyond what we could’ve ever imagined. Your prayers and deep desire to get your hands on our music means so much to us.
We’re so excited to tell you that we are finally recording!
We’ve decided to do a digital-only Ep before actually recording the full-length Cd. This should quench your thirst so to speak.

Because we want you to be a real part of this project, we would really appreciate your feedback! We will be asking questions via the Journal, Twitter, our Myspace status, and the InHimCast from time to time. If you want to have a say in what goes down, you’ll have plenty of chances to do so. After we give the questions, it’s up to you to tell us what you think.
We would also really appreciate your prayers during this time, as we want to bring you the best product we can without dragging out the recording process and waiting time any longer than we have to.

So, while we enter the studio this weekend what are you up to?
Stay in touch, and have a blessed weekend!

Andy and Miranda – In Him

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An In Him Teleconference?

Is anyone interested in chatting with us via a teleconference? It would be a great time to get to know us, ask questions, and learn the latest happenings! Please let us know ifyou’re interested!

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Myspace top 10 friends contest!

We want to make you one of our top 10 friends on Myspace!
Here’s what you do to get selected:
1. Add your favorite In Him song to your profile, and notify us via comment or message.
2. All submissions must be in by 11:00PM EST March 1.
3. The song has to stay on your profile until March 15.
4. If you’re not already a friend, you must become a friend and be aproved before adding your favorite In Him song to your profile for it to count!
When making a friend request, be sure to put something about the top 10 friends contest either in a message, comment, or in your friend request so we can differentiate between the contest participants and those just wishing to become new friends.
5. We’ll draw 10 names out of a hat of all those who did this, and those 10 of you will become our top 10 Myspace friends!
6. We will randomly check to make sure that each person is being honest about having the song on their profile until the 15th.
7. You can not have already had one of our songs on your profile before this contest to enter. However, we’d love to know if you already have one of our songs on your profile, so be sure to let us know!
8. No bands are allowed to participate in this contest.

Please know that this contest is just for fun. Even if you’re not one of our top 10 friends on Myspace, you mean a lot to us.
Enjoy, and we look forward to connecting with all of you very soon!

Andy and Miranda – In Him

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Update: Please pray for our church!

Thank you so much for your prayers and support! We can not tell you how much we have been blessed by the love of the body of Christ!

We were able to visit with our pastor yesterday afternoon for a few minutes after church. Although he is very upbeat, physically he is not well. He has lost much weight and he can not stand. There are other physical limitations as well.
Please continue to pray, and we will share more as we learn more.
Thanks again, and have a blessed week!

Andy and Miranda – In Him

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Please pray for our church!

We write you with heavy hearts this morning.
We received word yesterday afternoon that our pastor who is suffering with cancer is coming home from the hospital
today. However, the cancer has spread to his brain and the rest of his body. This has made it near impossible for him to walk, and he is feeling electric
shocks through his spine to his stomach. These shocks are due to the cancer hitting the nerves in his brain.
The doctors are giving him 3-4 months or less to live.

Please pray that God doesn’t allow our pastor to suffer much more than he already has. Please also pray for his family (some of whom have traveled from
out-of-state) and our small church congregation. This is a very difficult time for everyone.
We appreciate your prayers and support!
Thanks, and have a blessed week!

Andy and Miranda – In Him

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