My Thoughts On The Battle Of The Bands

Well, I’m extremely tired, so this’ll be a short post.
If you read our first post, you know that we were in a Battle of the bands last night.
Other than the fact that the on-stage monitors broke, so I had to follow the echoes off the portapots and tent… It went great!
Ok, now I can laugh at the echo part, but on stage, I was horrified!
My two prayers:
Lord, let me stay in time with the tunes. And Lord, please let us make it through our acoustic song!
Well, as he always does, our amazing Savior came through yet again!
We were bumbed about the fact that the turnout wasn’t what anyone expected, and the audience interaction wasn’t so great either. But, I guess that’s how it goes sometimes. Get this, our stage was a trailer! We’ll post pics of our performance as soon as the film is developed!
We didn’t win, but that’s quite alright. We went for the fun, fellowship, ministry, and worship.
We send our congrats to all the bands who won!
We’re so proud of them all!
And to those who didn’t, we also say congrats! You did well, even if you didn’t win!
In any case, those are my thoughts.
I’m sure Andy may post later.
Until nex time, Keep It Real In Him!



July 28, 2007. Recap from the Road.


  1. Tami replied:

    Wow, well, sometimes life just keeps rolling, crazy things happen. We just keep rolling with it!

    Good to see you Sat., Miranda! Can you post a sample of your music on here?


  2. A new picture of our band. « A servant of God: An inside look. replied:

    […] flatbed trailor for a stage, but you know… If you want to know more about the event, just go here. Let me know what you think and have […]

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