This is the place to Pray!

Do you have a prayer request? Would you like us and others to pray with you?
The place is here, and the time is now.
If you contact us privately, please be sure to tell us whether you want this prayer request to be public or private.
We serve a great God, and nothing is impossible for Him!
This is where we come reverently to His throne, and ask for His will to be done.
For respect and security, please only give first names. Or, if you are asking for prayer for someone else, and you think this person may be imbarrassed by you posting their name, please give them a screenname. You may do this by using initials, or some form of identifying them without disclosing their real identity.
If your prayer request is too personal or private, you can just say that you have a unspoken request. God knows your heart, and he’ll answer when you call on his name.
He says in His word “Where two are three are gathered in my name there I am with them also” (Mat. 18:19).
So, let’s join together, and gather in His name. Lift your petitions to His throne, and place your burdens at the cross.
Let’s support one another and pray for each other. That’s what the family of God is for!


August 5, 2007. Prayer.

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