Back To School Bash was a Blast!

Hi All,
This last Saturday, we played at a local back to school bash. We were thinking we were only going to be background music, and we weren’t going to have any audience interaction. Well, I’m happy to say that we were absolutely wrong!
We were very well received, and the audience was indeed interactive! Now, I will point out that this wasn’t your typical worship venue, so we didn’t strive for audience interaction. But, hey I’m not going to complain with having people applaud and comment after our set about how they so enjoyed our music. I just pray that lives were touched and people were blessed by our ministry.
Well, those are my thoughts on the bash.

In other news, we’re working on new music! Yeah, after having writers block for what seemed like forever, I’ve written 3 new songs and am working on a fourth. We also had a slight disaster take place yesterday morning. We’re ok, and so are our instruments. My PC on the other hand… It’ll be ok eventually. Read more about it in my personal blog.

I’m going to sign off for now, but Andy will be posting soon!
Please continue to pray for our ministry, and pray we do not have anymore disasters!
Thanks so much, as the prayers are greatly appreciated!

Until next time,
Keep It Real, In Him!


August 20, 2007. Recap from the Road.

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