Are you thankful for the future as well as the present and past?

Here in America we will soon be celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday this coming Thursday.
Today, i want to touch on something not many people think about. This last Sunday our pastor pointed out that as Christians we should be thankful not only for things in the past and present, but also what God is going to do for us in the future. Is there something you’re believing God for that you know is in His will? Now, I’m not talking about things like: “Well I know it’s in God’s will for me to win a million dollars in the lottery”. I’m talking about things like: “I know it’s in God’s will that this person is saved”. Or, “I know it’s in God’s will that I serve Him in some aspect of ministry after I complete my training”.

So, instead of me sharing a devotional with you, I want you to share your storries with me.
Here’s what I want you to do: Send me one thing your thankful for that’s happened in the past, one thing that God has done for you that you’re thankful for that happened in 2007, and one thing that you’re thanking Him for and believing Him for for the future.
I need you to tell me if I’m allowed to share these storries or not. I will select some storries that you’ve told me I can share that really touched me on Thursday.
Send your storries to:
Until next week, send in those storries and may God bless you as you thank Him!
Not only Thursday, not only this week, but every day!


November 19, 2007. The Monday Meal.

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