When is it all right to cross the lines?

Recently as I called churches to see if any were interested in having In Him minister to their congregation, I came across a Pastor who really made me think. This gentleman felt it was his duty to tell me that because we do not accept other artists here at Eternity Records, we should not technically be called a record company. He felt it would cause too much confusion among Christian artists. He also felt that if we were to do Christian music, that we shouldn’t deceive people into thinking we’re something we’re not.
So, after hearing what he had to say I kindly explained to him the reasons why we operate our business as we do. Unfortunately, I am of the opinion that this Pastor overstepped his boundaries and crossed some lines.

In saying all of this, and showing you this illustration, I am not here to point fingers. Nore am I here to start a debate on the business practices of Eternity Records or any other business for that matter.
I do find it interesting however, that as Christians some feel that they know all there is to know about God and the Christian faith. For instance, it’s as if because someone is of a different denomination than you, they’re wrong even though they are Christians and they truly follow Christ. I’ll admit, I am just as guilty of this as anyone else. I just pray that we could have unity and not division in the body of Christ. I honestly believe that we are in the last days, and Christ is coming soon! If we plan to reach those who are not saved, we must stand and reach together. We can not do this alone. We need each other to support, uplift, encourage, and pray together.
So, may we unite together, for one cause, and under one name!
May we cross the lines and break down the man-made walls that so easily separate us!


January 21, 2008. The Monday Meal.

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