If you’ve been blessed…

Hi everyone,
After not receiving any calls to our toll-free comment line, we took it down. We are sorry to those of you who truly meant to call, but never got the chance. But, it’s not the end of the comment line entirely!
That’s right, we still have a comment line… It’s you who we need to help keep it alive! The number has changed. The new number is: (206) 350-7994. You, yes you, could be featured on a future edition of the InHimCast! But that’s not all…

One of the rewards of our ministry is to be able to connect with those who are being blessed. Seriously, we enjoy hearing from you! We treasure every comment, email, song request, and friendship! This ministry is not about how many songs we write, how many concerts we play, how many CD’s we make or sell, and it sure isn’t about the money!
For us, it’s about how many lives were touched, and how many people were blessed. It’s about how many either met God or drew closer to him. When we play at a concert, it’s about coming face-to-face to a loving God in intimate worship.
So, please call in leave your comment on our comment line! You never know if what you say may bless someone else.

You can comment about anything from the worship at one of our concerts, your favorite In Him song, or just wanting to stop by and say, “hi”. Maybe you have a question? If so, we’ll answer that as well.
Stay in touch, and have an awesome day!

Andy and Miranda – In Him


March 13, 2008. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. B.Selasky replied:

    Being,That you Are So Concerned About People Being BLESSED-Touched,Saved, Healed,Strenghthened, And Encouraged In Their Lives-I’ll Always Be Dropping in to Read Your Web-Pages And Your TwitTER-Rific Entries-Please Tell Us More about what HAPPENS at Your Concerts And How You Write Songs-And Do Tell Us Where to Order Your MUSIC CDs ! Thanks For Showing Me Who Jesus Is-And Caring Enough to Pray For Others Needs-like you Did-For Me. Thank-You Both So Much-And Tell us What Kind of Response You’re Looking For-When Anyone Calls (206-350-7994 ) I’m Wondering- From>>>Bonnie

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