Who is Jesus to You?

Although I had many great father figures in my life growing up, my biological father was not present. The Bible says that God is the Father to the fatherless. That has given me much comfort over the years as I’ve grown in my faith. I’ve clung to many verses that show how He cares for His children.

So I wonder, who is Jesus to you? Is He your father? Is he your best friend? To some he’s their Savior. To others, their shepherd.
Now, don’t get me wrong. Jesus is all these things to me and more! But, I believe that we each hold something dear to us that Jesus has truly been in our lives.
Please share who Jesus is to you, and if you can, provide us with one verse that you’ve clung to that demonstrates how He has been there for you in that way.


May 5, 2008. The Monday Meal.

One Comment

  1. Bonnie replied:

    Psalms 18-Verse 2) God is My Strength-Rock-Fortress-My Deliverer-The Horn Of My Salvation-My High Tower of Refuge} Sorry-I just came to Hear of Your “In Him” Cast and Christian Band-} When I Discover More-Then I’ll Comment,Later! 🙂 Sorry ! I Don’t have a WEB_PAGE of My Own-Yet-Cause I Just Recently Got on the Internet-But I’ll Take Your Prayers-Because I’m in Need Of Prayer-RIGHT NOW! I Need Physical Healing-& Emotional Comforting For My Mother Passed Away Unexpectantly-After a Colon-Operation & I Feel Like an Orphan-I’m Bewildered-For We Had Good Reports From the Doctors & Nurses that She Had Totally Recovered ! So to be told that and then See her Die in Her Sleep-Was Terribly Difficult To Go Through ! I feel Lost-So i Listen To Lots of Christian Music.And God Is My REFUGE,His Presence Calms me-His Ever Present LOVE Is Here,Comforting Me! But He Will Have to Work On the Open Wound That has Been Put in My Heart And Soul. Thanks, I know You’ll Pray! Also I got to say-I loved what i Read Here On Your BLOGS— Bonnie From Pittsburgh-PA 🙂

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