Spring and Summer Kick-off!

So, we kicked off our Spring and Summer event season with two events this weekend. You may be asking, “if two events, why did I only see one on the calendar?” This is because we don’t post closed or private events on the calendar, so as to not cause any confusion. But, after all is said and done you will hear about how awesome these events were!

Our first event was a senior citizen’s luncheon at a local church on Saturday. When we started ministering through music three years ago, we started by ministering in assisted living homes, so this was familiar territory for us and we have a special place in our hearts for the young at heart!
We started off by sharing a delicious meal and fellowshipping with this small group, and then we began to minister. Although it was a small crowd, we really enjoyed our time with them. The presence of God was there, and we know that lives were touched through this ministry.

We then went home and did last-minute fine-tunings for our event on Sunday.
After a great service at our home church on Sunday morning, we came home and packed all the gear for that evening. We left around 3:30 or so and headed off to Marcellus. From the minute we stepped into the church, we felt right at home. It was as if we were part of the family. The congregation was friendly and welcoming!
After our sound check, we hung out for a few minutes before it was time to start. We had a small but enthusiastic crowd. This church really knows how to worship and fellowship! And after a great time of worship, we soon learned that they can also make some delicious food!
So, if you’re in the Marcellus Michigan area and you’re searching for a home church, be sure to stop by Newberg Norton Bible Church! They also have an outside concert series every summer, and it’s actually a drive-in church! Check it out, and be ready for some great music and fellowship!

This is only the beginning, so keep a close eye on our calendar to see if we’re coming to an event near you!


May 20, 2008. Recap from the Road.

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