To Answer Reader Feedback

We’d like to answer some very good questions that some have asked in commenting here.
So, let’s get started!

1. “Where can people order your CD?”
Answer: We have not yet completed our self-titled debut. There is much planning and such that is going into this project. We want to give our best to the Lord and to those who so faithfully support our ministry, with your prayers and such interaction as these wonderful comments. We are working to upgrade studio equipment, plan for our graphics design and packaging, and more. Such ventures are being done through our events/concerts.

That leads us to our next question:
2. “What can people expect when attending one of your concerts?
Answer: Typically, our events range from 15 minutes to no more than 2 hours depending on the type of the event at which we are playing. We’ll minister at any venue that will accept us, and we love an interactive audience. We strive to make our time of ministry a worship experience. We present original songs, and we always invite our audiences to worship with us.
We don’t have any fancy light shows or amazing acrobatics. We believe for our ministry to reach its fullest potential, we must focus on the simplicity of true worship to our Holy God.
If we have a small intimate audience, we take advantage of this by providing time for question and answer sessions throughout our time on the stage.
If the audience is of a larger size, we still find unique ways to interact and provide a more personal time of ministry.

After we are finished with our ministry through time of worship, the interaction doesn’t have to end there. We encourage our audience to meet us and we allow them to purchase T-shirts, sign up for our newsletter and/or devotional via email, learn about the InHimCast podcast, and even sponsor a child through Compassion International. This also allows us the opportunity to pray for our event attendees, and encourage each of them to stay in touch!

3. “What do you expect when people call your comment line? (206) 350-7994”
Answer: This is your chance to tell how you’ve been blessed by our music and ministry. Do you have a favorite In Him song? If so, what is it and why is it your favorite? Have you been blessed by our Monday Meal devotional? How have you been blessed by these devotionals? Have you seen an In Him ministry event and want to tell of your experience to encourage others to attend? Do you have comments about the InHimCast podcast?
These are just some suggestions of what you can say when calling our comment line at: (206) 350-7994.

4. “Who will you be interviewing next time on the InHimCast?”
Answer: We are working on two episodes of the InHimCast that will be highlighting our last two on the road experiences. Each episode will feature a small segment with a special guest. So, feel free to keep an eye on the InHimCast and enjoy!

Thank you for these great questions! Please, keep the feedback coming!

Andy and Miranda – In Him


June 24, 2008. Band/Fan interaction.

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