Our Weekend: A 3-in-1 Occasion

Summer is in full swing, and so is our summer event season. We started this weekend with a Vacation Bible School Beach Party Beach Blast on Friday night. After enjoying some great food and fellowship, we played our set. Afterwords, we enjoyed watching the children involved in the Vbs get their awards.
On Saturday, we took a break… Well sort of…
We didn’t play on Saturday, but we did attend the wedding of two of our dear friends. It was a wonderful time, and we wish them the Lord’s blessings in their new life together.

On Sunday, we ministered at the same church that so graciously hosted the Kalamazoo Gospel Mission Benefit concert last February. We started their church service by playing two songs, and their Pastor gave a very challenging yet encouraging message about having the mind of Christ.
After the service concluded, it was off to eat more food! We then played a set during a great time of fellowship at their get-together outside.
Although both of us are slightly sun-burned, it’s been well worth it!

Next, we head off to Reed City Michigan where we’ll be ministering during a morning worship service and at a camp for disabled adults. We’re looking forward to these and the many other ministry opportunities to come.
Please visit our official website for the latest!

The 11th edition of the InHimCast is available and packed with a lot of great information and fun!
In this long-awaited edition of the InHimCast, we share our upcoming summer event schedule, and we also welcome our first ever commenter who called
the InHimCast comment line to share his thoughts on the ministry. Also in this episode, we share some exciting news, listen to some highlights from our
May 18 event, and wrap up this edition with a very special interview! We encourage your feedback, as we ask some intriguing questions of our listening
And next time on the InHimCast,
Rise and shine!
It’s way too early in the morning for this!
But, it’s time to pack our suitcase and head on the road.
Don’t forget anything… Or maybe we will…
Travel with us as we go to Redford Michigan. Learn about what we did forget, meet a feathered friend, and find out about our ride on the sideways express!
It’s all coming up on the 12th edition of the InHimCast!

Also, we are bringing the Monday Meal back next week with a devotional entitled, “Are you disabled? Be enabled!”
We look forward to getting your feedback as we discuss being enabled for the king’dom of Christ, and being enabled to disable the devil!

Keeping It Real,
Andy and Miranda – In Him


July 14, 2008. General.

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