Summer Sizzles On

From carnivals to camps, this summer has been filled with many great memmories and events!
So, we thought it’d be good to stop by and say how things have been shaping up.
Way back on June 22, we headed off to Redford Michigan to play at a Family Fun Fair. This was a very early morning, as we left at 4:55 A.M!
From the very beginning, this trip promised to be an adventurous ride…
You can learn more about our recap from the road for the June 22 event by listening to InHimCast012 as soon as we put it up!

Now we travel forward to July. On July 11, we played at a Beach Party Beach Blast that was the wrap-up to a local Vacation Bible School. This was a fun-filled event… Children running around the gym having a great time, and us providing the background music.
On Saturday July 12, we took a break from our on-the-road schedule and enjoyed the wedding of two of our dearest friends.
Sunday July 13, we headed back to Bethlehem Baptist Church, where the Kalamazoo Gospel Mission benefit took place last February. This time, we were honored to be a part of their morning worship service, and then we supplied the music for their church picnic immediately following the service.

We wrap up this June and July recap from the road in Reed City Michigan at Albright Camp. We left Saturday July 19, and this again promised to be another adventurous experience.
We had originally planned to stay until Monday or Tuesday, but we were blessed to be able to stay for the whole week of the Special People Camp. This is a camp held for disabled adults, and we felt honored to be able to minister to them.
We began our ministry with a guest appearance at Reed City United Methodist Church during their July 20 Sunday morning worship service.
Through God’s divine planning, we lead the very interactive congregation with songs of worship that heavily depicted their pastor’s great message on true worship.
We then went back to Camp Albright where we waited for the campers to arrive. After all had arrived and been settled in, we had a great time of praise and worship!
The rest of the week was a time of fun-filled activities such as: canoeing, swimming, tubing, campfires, arts and crafts, a carnival, and a dance!
We plan to post an InHimCast in the very near future showing highlights from our wonderful week at camp.

In each of the above experiences, we were reminded of one thing: When God sends you to minister, allow him to not only minister through you, but allow Him to minister to you!
Now summer sizzles on, humid Michigan weather and all… August is just around the corner, with another camp, two festivals, and a back to school bash awaiting us.
So we thank each and everyone of you for all your prayers, dedication, and love. It’s humbleing to know that we have so many people who stand beside us as we travel!
Please stay in touch, and keep it Real!

Andy and Miranda – In Him


July 30, 2008. Recap from the Road.

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