Recap from the road: Rock Your Soul Fest!

It’s around 5:00 in the morning on Sunday.
We left home at 9:00 yesterday morning, and headed to Riverside Park in Grand Rapids for the Rock Your Soul Music Festival.
We showed up a little after 10:30 or so. We ended up at the right location, but wrong event? Yes, there were two events going on at once in the park.
Due to stage technical difficulties, everyone started late. We were supposed to play at noon, but we wouldn’t have had time to set-up and play our full set before the next band who had a time constraint.
So, we moved from the noon slot to the 6:00 slot.
At about 2:00 or so, we enjoyed some great food! We also enjoyed the other acts of rock and hip-hop that ministered throughout the day. We ended up starting around 7:00. It was a small crowd, but we had fun.
In all, it was a long but productive day. We connected with new friends (both artists and new fans), and we look forward to getting to know each of you more in the near future.

We’re now watching a game of the Little League World Series on ESPN. We never knew that ESPN aired Little League games! This is cool!
We woke up about an hour ago and snacked on some fruit and candy bars we’d brought, and we couldn’t go back to sleep.

So, we’re leading worship later today at the Real Life Church of Jesus Christ, (the host church for the Rock Your Soul Fest).
We’d like to thank this church, all the other acts, our sound tech, and everyone else involved in the Rock Your Soul Fest for a great day of music, fun, food, and fellowship! And as we’ve all been reminded, it’s all on God’s timeing…
If you were at the fest with us, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the event! Feel free to share!
And as always, you can call our comment line at: (206) 350-7994.

Andy and Miranda – In Him


August 17, 2008. Recap from the Road.

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