Take 3 steps forward, and enter your House of Praise!

As we plan our Summer tour, we have many say, “I’d love to have you come to my church, but I don’t make those decisions.”
Well, you can now make the decisions, because it’s your house!
Turn your home into a house of praise during an intimate night of worship for you and your closest friends!

House concerts are not a new concept. The first Christians even met to fellowship in one another’s homes. We believe that these events can provide a great avenue for worship and ministry.
Whether you are a small group leader wishing to provide a time of worship before one of your meetings, or you just want to minister to your neighbors and friends, this could be just what you’ve been looking for!

Can you fit at least 20 people in your home, offering a suggested donation of $10.00 per person? Can you provide In Him a place to stay and a hot meal the night of the event?
If so, here’s what you do:
1. Make sure you are obeying all zoneing laws and guidelines set forth by your city.
2. Figure out how many people you can comfortablely fit in your home for the event.
3. Check with us to learn more information and see if we can come through your area during this tour.
If we can come, then we’ll work with you in setting up your In Him House of Praise event!

You can learn more about House Concerts by clicking here
Please note: In Him is not currently an artist member of this site at this time, so in order to book us you’ll need to contact Eternity Records directly.
Stay in touch, and we look forward to ministering at your House of Praise!

Andy and Miranda – In Him


February 3, 2009. Tags: , , . Tour.

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