Summer and all His Glory: That’s how the river flows!

Wow, do we have an update for you!
First things first, let’s travel back in time as we often do here in our journal…
Instead of springing forward, let’s spring backwards. Scary thought huh?

Way back in May we had our anual benefit concert. Have you ever had one of those days or weeks when you feell you’re fighting the Devil on everything? Between both of us getting sick, and the computer with all digital stuff we needed breaking, we were going through a serious bout of spiritual warfare!
After getting the computer fixed, the next thing we had to figure out was how we were going to do a concert without our lead vocalist? With no voice left to even speak, and sounding like a frog and goose mixed, it’s pretty impossible to sing!
Well, 30 seconds (no exaggeration) before we were to walk on stage, Jesus had a plan! Not the plan we wanted, but that’s how the river flows! When in desperate need, cry out to God and remember that you have songs you’ve already recorded.
Oh, and thank God your audience is small and full of very understanding people from the host church (for whom you’ve played before).

We were able to lead worship with a few songs, and that went well. We then presented Compassion, and after the event were asked to come to present at the adult Sunday School class the following Sunday. Ok, God’s not done yet…
Not only were two children sponsored as a result of this year’s benefit, but a friend sponsored a third child the following Monday afternoon!

Now we leave the past and enter the present…
Some of you may have been expecting our first tour this summer, but again Jesus had a plan. That plan was again different than our own. This has been a great time of reflection, healing from losing ones we love, and recording!
Today, we wrap up the keys for “Holy”, and then we move on to vocals next week. After vocals is guitars and bass. So, progress on the digital-only Ep is being made!

Now, just because we aren’t doing a full tour doesn’t mean you won’t see us on the road. On Sunday August 16, we’ll be playing at Newberg Norton Bible Church as part of their Drive In Church Concert series. Then, on Saturday August 22, we’ll be leading worship at the Kalamazoo Gospel Mission as part of their Summer week of Revival.
Details are always available on the events page, or via any of our calendars.

Andy is hard at work on the new version of the website, and we’re hoping to have it available for you next Spring.
That is also when we’ll be bringing back the newsletter and Monday Meal devotional. Some have had problems subscribing to the mailing lists, and we’re working on that as part of the website updates along with many other great features.
Thanks so much for your patience and understanding as we record and make various upgrades.
We’ll have InHimCast016 out for you soon, so be sure to stay tuned for that too!
Until next time, keep it real!

Andy and Miranda – In Him


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